Version History
1.6.5 Fixed the Face Width and Face Anti Width values under Other Info.
1.6.4 Added an example file with two styles of box ring.
1.6.3 Bug fix: The outer shank template width as calculated was too large by 1 x the crown height.
1.6.2 UI tweaks.
1.6.1 New user interface for ring size.
1.6 Added shoulder marks on inner shank, ring size now by 1/4 (was 1/2), bug fixes in profiles.
1.5.2 Fixed dimension labels for face length. 1.5.1 Fixed some bugs in the experimental tilt feature, added a zoom feature to accommodate the larger designs generated by tilts and offsets.
1.5 Added experimental face tilt parameter.
1.4 Corrected inner shank curve height, added warning messages for some inputs.
1.3 Bug fixes (corrections to dimensions, particularly for stock gauge), added feature to place the inner shank joint at the base of the shank.
1.2 Bug fixes (primarily layout proportions), added profile for ring face, changed to tabbed layout for profiles and templates, updated help tab, added full documentation file, email link, and version history.
1.1 Bug fixes, style changes, added version number.
1.0 Initial release.